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hello!my name is iqunelda white.

i am a new proud parent of a now 7 month old baby girl! in October of 2009 i was contacted by a company called The Great American Photo Contest threw email telling me to submit my baby's picture to there site for a chance to win 2,500$ they said that a new winner is chosen ever single month. of course i was going to enter her times were hard and my child is very beautiful. so finally i entered her and not even two hours later i get an email from them saying the judges think my daughter has what it takes to be the winner of a 25,000 life saving bond.

but there's a catch you also have to pay 20$. i paid the money thinking that they really thought she could go all the way only to find out that that's what they tell everyone to get the 20 bucks. i should have known something was off there but they called me and asked me to purchase a book called most beautiful babies in America. so when i got the call from "marry" i told her i wasn't sure and that i would have to speak to my partner before i could continue the transaction.

she told me to just give her my account information and she would hold it until i could call her back and give her an answer. a flat out yes or a no! when i check my account history i see that she instantly took the money. when i saw that i called and i swear to you it was the same voice claiming to be Mary but when she answered she said her name was Hellene or something like that.

so i asked to speak with Mary and she puts the phone down and when she returns its the same lady with the same voice claiming to be this "marry" lady. i asked her why she took money from my account and she assured me that i told her to go ahead. after that i was overdrawn by 205.00$ i asked to be refunded and they i couldn't receive anything until my book was sent to me and i returned it. my account is now closed.

finally i received the book. months later after i had threatened to sue them for fraud i got it the very next day. the book is sloppy and is not worth 81.95 my daughters picture is small and her bio wasn't even posted in there witch they charged me 10 extra to do. also back to this 25,ooo contest when i asked to be refunded they told me it was too late she was already entered but after i had paid the money i still was receiving emails asking me to enter her into the same contest that i had already paid for please do not enter your child in this scam because you will wind up hurt someone need to shut them down and sue them!

it might as well be me!its nothing but spam emails and advertisement they sell your email and that eventually leads to you shutting it down and making a new one!

Monetary Loss: $170.


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iqunelda?? A classic example of why people laugh that the goofy names black dream up for their kids.


Hi Iqunelda,

Please post the phone number that they called you from.

I received a phone call from someone named Josh Gillan, who says he is the CEO & that our son won the $25,000 Bond, but we are trying to figure out if it's legit, since we have not received any prize yet which he promised that we would be getting.


What an adorable little girl, I hope you both are doing well.


How about next time you have some common sense!!Also just because you're in a rough spot financially does not mean you should exploit your children's looks in the hopes of winning some fantasy prize.

How irresponsible.I hope for the sake of your child you have gotten some brains since this happened to you, lord knows what kind of dumb **** is being exposed to your kid due to negligence like this.

Michigan, United States #968466

Why would you be refunded for a CONTEST?That's a gamble and no guarantee you'd win.

You knew you might not have won in the first place. As for you buying the book, you had the choice to say NO! you weren't forced to give your account information to this company, you did it willingly. Why give that information if you didn't expect to get charged?

Do you go into Pizza Hut and give them your credit card then leave without eating? No? You don't give your bank account info to any random company when you know you don't plan on buying anything? So why would you do it this time?

Of course I don't agree with the company, if your story is accurate they may have pressured you into getting book but by the sounds of it... You gave information willingly, payed to enter the contest willingly and made the book purchased willingly. You're a grown woman that could have avoided this.

Hopefully you learn to not WILLINGLY spend money/ give bank info out if you don't actually want the products/services.Talk about buyers remorse.

to Tough love #1013132

U people are really being rude to her get a life she has a beautiful baby n got conned into something I mean when u hear ur kid wins the happiness u feel is unreal if it was a real contest it would be ok but if it's a scam then that sucks take it easy on her really put itself in her shoes

San Diego, California, United States #958690

Ohhh she is a cutie!!


How duummb do you have to be to believe some stranger over the phone, "Just give me your account information." Consider this your harsh lesson in reality and learn how to wise-up.

to numbskull San Diego, California, United States #958692

What a numbskull u have numbskull! DERRRR. Have some class would ya


You have a beautiful baby...sorry you were ripped off. Not uncommon unfortunately.

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